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Immediately available capillary and precision tubes. Choose simply the material and the measures of the tube you need.
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Dedicated to precision

Our capillary and precision tubes are part of machinery and plant manufacturing processes throughout the world. They are used to pressurise, regulate and control in the fields of medical engineering, raw material extraction and energy generation. We feel at home in all areas of application where maximum precision and heavy-duty characteristics are required. Therefore we manufacture our products on precision machinery developed in-house. Therefore precision regarding diameters only starts with the decimal places. That is why we have been a paragon of quality for 65 years. The importance of our products for our customers’ value creation spurs on our team.

That makes us a partner whose products made in Germany guarantee reliability throughout the world. That keeps inspiring us to more and more new investments in machinery and our know-how to keep pushing the limits of what is possible in the manufacturing of capillary and precision tubes. We turn tubes into forward-looking technologies – piece by piece, metre by metre. We just can’t help it. After all, precision is our passion.

Video portrait

Take a look behind the scenes. In 2014, Google portrayed our company as a partner in the framework of the WeltWeitWachsen campaign.


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