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Test of mixed-up components and quality testing

X-ray fluorescence analysis at ETHEN ROHRE

Typically RFA is used for tests of mixed-up components and for quality assurance. For the customers the investment of ETHEN ROHRE in RFA technology and in the associated establishment of competencies by way of instruction and training of staff means shorter delivery periods with a consistently high level of quality of the precision and capillary tubes.

The materials of tubes can be determined quickly and easily with RFA. In that way you can find out, if a consignment actually contains the ordered tubes or if tube materials are comprised of the specified materials.

ETHEN ROHRE performs all mix-up and quality tests with the X-ray fluorescence analysis technology (RFA) in the company’s own plant in Aachen – not only on their own capillary and precision tubes, but also as a service for all kinds of tubes.

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