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Immediately available capillary and precision tubes. Choose simply the material and the measures of the tube you need.

Consulting, production support and tube services with a passion for detail

The tube experts of ETHEN ROHRE provide competent advice based on the experience gathered in over five decades in the production of capillary tubes, in order to define the ideal combination of measurements and materials for your application.

While your production order is being processed, you are provided a personal contact to clarify, arrange and implement all important issues with you in a committed and competent manner. If questions emerge or subsequent requirements come up, he/she will be there for you and will meet your wishes quickly and straightforwardly as far as possible.

“We were looking for a supplier of capillary tubes who could firstly help us to find the right materials and dimensions for our applications, and secondly could supply us with everything ranging from prototypes to minimal quantities and mass production in a flexible manner. ETHEN ROHRE can handle that balancing act between consulting and agile production.”
Werner Carell, Abiomed Europe GmbH

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