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The crisis-proof ETHEN action plan for you!

Never before has a secure supply chain for essential medical technology, apparatus and mechanical engineering, measurement/control technology, biochemistry and petrochemistry been as important as it is now. ETHEN is making its contribution – with our proven stock of stainless steel, nickel alloy and titanium pre-tubes we also ensure short-term deliveries for our customers. And, of course, we will also continue to be personally available for you during this time. Production is also continuing as usual and we have already implemented various preventive hygiene and organisational measures to protect our employees.

The shortage of high-quality raw materials for tube production is becoming increasingly noticeable. Especially now that world trade has been decimated, it is becoming tight in many places. Extremely long delivery times or non-executable orders are the result. We at ETHEN are working against this development. And thus we continue to be your reliable partner even in these turbulent times. With our well stocked warehouse of pre-tubes and partly already tightened stocked tubes we help you to remain capable of acting. Of course, all in the usual ETHEN quality.

Advance planning helps against shortage – even if it is sometimes harder than expected.

Our answer to today’s shortage of raw materials has already been given yesterday: Foresighted planning, which at ETHEN does not only mean our wide range of capillary and precision tubes in our stock list that are available for immediate delivery. ETHEN takes the decisive step further with the purchase of raw material of the best quality for a period of up to one year! We provide advance performance to you, not only to ensure that we are able to serve your existing orders, but also to accept new orders and be able to deliver them to you predictably and reliably. Also, if the situation suddenly and drastically worsens, as it is unfortunately the case at the moment. Especially now, where the economy and companies are increasingly suffering from the crisis, we can this way give you some scope of action.

What does that mean for you? Security.

Security against supply fluctuations and default in delivery; planning security; quality assurance, because the ETHEN quality standard of course remains guaranteed. Securing your liquidity, as plannable ETHEN production and supply secure reliable and punctual compliance with your obligation towards your customers, which in return provides for income security.

How do we manage?

The ETHEN ROHRE campaign production

Tubes of a certain material are manufactured in previously fixed, long-term pre-planned periods of time. For you as a customer of ETHEN ROHRE this creates shorter delivery times with exact pre-planning opportunity. You can determine your production schedule and preserve your liquidity by running down your own inventories.

At ETHEN emphasis is placed on customer service; this is the reason why we contact our customers pro-actively, in order to consider your demand in our slot planning in a timely manner.

Delivery agreements

Delivery agreements guarantee you defined quotas. This way you secure yourself production and raw material capacities at fixed times and you get your tube quotas at predictable delivery dates and conditions, in order to guarantee uninterrupted production. Our production slots change in a rhythm of 9-10 weeks between the material campaigns titanium, stainless steel and nickel.

Strong network

ETHEN maintains excellent contacts to all European quality manufacturers of tubes. This provides for quick feedback, reliable statements and highest quality. At ETHEN we have more than 60 years of experience in procurement. This and the grown connection to strong partners based on loyalty leads us towards the goal – reliable supply.

Our stock list

You are looking for capillary and precision tube available in the short term?

The interactive ETHEN stock list provides a current list on immediately available quality tubes and sleeves, a result of our production-related increased efficiency, in a great number of diameters, lengths and materials. Of course we can also process and elongate these tubes to your individual requirements. This way we are able to help in case of very short-term demands.

You want further information? Contact us!