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Immediately available capillary and precision tubes. Choose simply the material and the measures of the tube you need.
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The ETHEN ROHRE campaign production of your capillary and precision tubes

At ETHEN ROHRE we manufacture your capillary and precision tubes in campaigns for titanium, stainless steel or nickel alloys. Tubes of one material are manufactured in previously fixed time intervals. For you as a customer of ETHEN ROHRE this generates shorter delivery times and allows exact advance planning. It secures you easy provision, just-in-time or with small own warehouse capacities.

  • Advantage 1: You can determine your production date
  • Advantage 2: You preserve your liquidity by reduction of inventories
  • Advantage 3: You profit from shorter delivery times

The ideal basis is a supply agreement guaranteeing you defined quotas. With that you secure yourself production capacities at fixed points in time and you can be sure that you will receive your tube supply quota at calculable delivery dates and conditions, in order to guarantee interruption-free production. You can book corresponding production slots for our material campaigns titanium, stainless steel or nickel, which alternate in intervals of 9-10 weeks.

The idea behind campaign production for capillary and precision tubes is the combination of maximum quality and maximum flexibility. Test mechanisms, machine tolerances, specialized processes and procedures to a great extent depend on the characteristics of the materials currently processed. During the corresponding campaign they remain constant and thus prevent that adjustments lead to initial difficulties in production or variations in quality. At the same time, campaigns taking place in continuous intervals nevertheless guarantee short delivery times. “This way we try to combine the best from two worlds and feel assured by the positive feedback and increase in the number of our contract customers”, summarizes Tobias Kirch, managing director of ETHEN ROHRE.

Of course you can also secure your production slot without a supply agreement. Don’t hesitate and ask when your material campaign for capillary and precision tubes is going to start. Contact us, if you have any questions on campaign planning or you are interested in the conclusion of a supply agreement.

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