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Nickel & Hastelloy (Nickel-Base-Alloys)

Due to it’s ability to protect from oxidation, Nickel is the ideal material for many technical purposes. In it’s compact form and at room temperature it is resistant to air, water, non-oxidating acids like hydrochloric acid, bases and most organic materials.This makes Nickel an ideal material for the production of capillary and precision tubes.

We produce capillary tubes of 0.7 mm to 19.05 mm diameter and from the ETHEN ROHRE maximum length 6,400 mm to sleeves in minimum length. Also small quantities without minimum order quantities – thanks to flexible processes and our stock list we are offering more possibilities. In Aachen we produce on quickly resettable machines.

Our precision tubes are available in the following Nickel & Hastelloy alloys:


Material Number AISI UNS
(Unified Numbering System)
2.4066 N 02200 Alloy 200
2.4068 N 02201 Alloy 201
2.4360 N 04400 Alloy 400
2.4600 N 10675 Alloy B3
2.4602 N 06022 Alloy C22
2.4605 N 06059 Alloy 59
2.4610 N 06455 Alloy C4
2.4617 N 10665 Alloy B2
2.4708 N 10362
2.4816 N 06600 Alloy 600
2.4819 N 10276 Alloy C276
2.4851 N 06601 Alloy 601
2.4856 N 06625 Alloy 625
2.4858 N 08825 Alloy 825


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