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Ethen Tubing Plus

Innovative services with manufacturer know-how

The next step. The obvious alternative. The problem solver for capillary and precision tubes. And not “just” the manufacturer. We bundle all this for you under the heading Ethen Tubing Plus. This is our concept for repairs, refinements, testing and full-service logistics, in which we offer services with manufacturer know-how and a network of experienced specialists for you. Read about the tasks we take on and the problems we can solve for you:

1.     Pipe damage in your warehouse
Ethen Tubing Plus
views, straightens, inspects, cleans and polishes. And ensures optimal packaging and safe transport.

2.     Tube finishes for special applications
Ethen Tubing Plus
remains your single point of contact, coordinates the finishing operations, provides all relevant documents and secure logistics.

3.    Pipe tests for special standards
Ethen Tubing Plus
organises the tests in specialised test laboratories, acceptances, certificates, documentation and secure logistics.

4.    Pipe adaptations for new applications
Ethen Tubing Plus
advises on the correct processing and carries out dimension adjustments from annealing to drawing as well as possible processing steps from polishing to sawing, straightening, dimensional and visual inspections as well as documentation and logistics services.

5.    Pipe innovation and product development
Ethen Tubing Plus
is a partner in the product development of its customers and brings know-how into your engineering in an advisory capacity.

If you’re thinking about what the next step in capillary and precision tubing should be, think about us: Ethen Tubing Plus. We bundle our services in these four segments:

Contract annealing (tempering)

The most important tool in the heat treatment of capillary and precision tubes for the targeted modification of their metallurgical properties is not the heat itself, but the knowledge of how to handle it with the respective alloys. Ethen is a specialist in classic soft annealing, but also offers semi-hard and hard tubing. The Ethen Tubing Plus service for contract annealing is precisely for this reason based on the extensive experience, digitalised knowledge management and precise documentation of our contract annealing experts.


Contract straightening

The targeted mechanical processing of capillary and precision tubes is the alternative of choice to make warped or bent tubes of the most diverse alloys usable again. This is because improper mechanical processing, failed forming attempts or thermal effects can cause deformations that prevent the pipes from being used in the planned location. Especially with high-quality and expensive alloys, straightening is therefore worthwhile. The Ethen Tubing Plus service for contract straightening of capillary and precision tubes uses highly specialised machinery developed individually by and for Ethen. Above all, however, we use the know-how of a team geared to special alloys.


Confusion check with XRF (Material identity check by X-Ray)

Whether for material sorting or for simple material determination on your own semi-finished products or those provided by you: the Ethen Tubing Plus service for material analysis by X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) provides clarity. We use it to determine the chemical composition of materials and avoid expensive mistakes caused by installing the wrong materials in your machines and systems. Our team is trained – with the appropriate specialist knowledge certificates on hand – and experienced in the precise interpretation of the measurement results. The measurement is fast, non-destructive and requires no customer-specific calibration.


Contract tube drawing (Tubing with supplied material)

As part of Ethen Tubing Plus, we also provide our services in tube drawing for material provided by the customer. This is because knowledge of materials and special alloys is often sensitive. Shaping suitable capillary and precision tubes from these materials and protecting the knowledge about the alloy within the framework of confidentiality agreements and other agreements is a service that highly specialised manufacturers and know-how carriers appreciate.

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